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Road Surface Absorption Testing


AFD 1000 AcoustiTube by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

Specimen Holder 2 (300 x 300 mm sample size)


The AFD 1000 AcoustiTube when fitted with Specimen Holder 2 and installed in a vertical orientation above a road surface, may be used to measure the sound absorption co-efficient of semi-dense to dense road surface materials insitu for the one-third octave band frequencies ranging from 250Hz to 1,600Hz under normal incidence conditions. in accordance with the test methods of DIN ISO 13472-2, Acoustics — Measurement of sound absorption properties of road surfaces in situ — Part 2: Spot method for reflective surfaces


Analysis software AFD 1001 supports the measurement system AFD 1000. Software is compatible with MATLAB and LabVIEW.

In special cases, the frequency range can be varied by modifying the dimensions of the impedance tube system.

The test method is intended for:

a) determination of the sound absorption coefficient of semi-dense to dense road surfaces (and, if of interest, also the complex acoustical impedance);

b) determination of the sound absorption properties of test tracks in accordance with standards such as ISO 10844 and test surfaces defined in national and international type approval regulations for road vehicles and vehicle tyres; and

c) verification of the compliance of the sound absorption coefficient of a road surface with design tender specifications or other acoustical performance requirements.

Specimen holder II

  • Application: determination of sound absorption coefficient in situ according to DIN ISO 13472-2 (sound absorption coefficient < 0,15)
  • Specimens: road surfaces and flat samples of specimens with dimensions of at least 300 mm x 300 mm
  • Method: adapter for tight attachment of impedance tube to the surface of the specimen


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