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SAMURAI – Vibration Software


SAMURAI Vibration Software by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

Vibration Software for Multi-Channel Measurement Systems

Vibration Measurement + Analysis

SAMURAI Vibration Software bundle powers all of the multi-channel data acquisition and analysis devices manufactured by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH, including Soundbook, NoisePAD, Apollo Box or Lite, or PCIe Cards.

The measurement data can be displayed in up to 16 graphical windows. The display properties for each window may be set before, during and after the measurement. The data acquisition and storage takes place in the background, independent of the choice of measurement parameters and levels currently shown in the graphical windows.

The integrated REPLAY Mode enables the replay of stored measurement files license-free on several computers. The zoom function of the data browser allows sections of a measurement to be selected, replayed and saved as new measurements into a new file.

For vibration measurements the SAMURAI base software plus the vibration bundle is required. Further vibration options can be added to the vibration bundle to provide additional vibration measurement functionality.

SAMURAI base software includes the following functions:

  • Time signal plots (selectable signal bandwidths, DC to 80kHz)
  • Level recorder, levels, FFT Frequencies
  • FFT(up to 25601 lines), wide range of FFT windows (rectangular, Hanning, etc), window overlaps, averaging modes, up to 5FFT analysers per channel, triggered storage
  • Waterfall plots (FFT versus time versus level
  • Sonograms (FFT linear frequency versus time versus level plots)

The SAMURAI Vibration bundle includes the following options:

  • RMS Meter
  • Transfer-FRF
  • Order-Tracking
  • Vibration Meter

The vibration software options for SAMURAI are described on the SINUS Messtechnik GmbH website:



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