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Seismic Monitoring Safety System


Earthquake Monitoring

MARMOT System by SYSCOM Instruments
For Critical Nuclear Power, LNG and Chemical Plants

The SYSCOM MARMOT Seismic Monitoring and Safety Trip System provides a comprehensive approach to the increasing safety demand in high value but vulnerable sites which are at risk of catastrophic failure due seismic loads during earthquakes . Typical sites monitored include Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Storage Facilities, Liquefied Natural Gas Storage (LNG) sites, Gas Turbine Power Plants and Chemical Process Plants

The Safety Trip System may be set to automatically initiate a shutdown procedure for critical machines immediately upon exceedance of the shut-down alarm threshold. The shutdown alarm is set based upon exceedance of the threshold by multiple connected ground vibration units.

  • 96dB dynamic range
  • 16 bit resolution
  • 200 samples per second
  • Calibrated for lifetime of the unit
  • 1 GByte memory card – up to 500 Hours recording
  • Suitable for trip systems in Nuclear Power Plants
  • Certified to meet IEC 60780/IEC 60980
  • IEC 61513 Class 1/ IEC 61226 Cat A
  • IEC 61508 SIL2
  • IEC 60880

Detailed description and specifications are provided on the SYSCOM website:

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