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Sound Intensity Probe (Model SIS190)

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Model SIS190 by Microtech Gefell/SINUS Messtechnik GmbH


Microphone capsule Spacer Frequency range
1/2” MK 290 E 50 mm12 mm 35 Hz – 1,5 kHz
70 Hz – 5 kHz
1/4” MK 390 E 12 mm  6 mm 1 kHz – 6 kHz
1 kHz – 12 kHz


The sound intensity probe using its two-microphone technology enables the measurement of the sound pressure, the detection of the sound pressure gradient and the calculation of the sound intensity. The probe consists of two ICP measuring microphone capsules MK 222 (order designation MK 290) and MK 301 (order designation MK 390) which are adapted to each other in phase and frequency response.

By using the 1/4 “measuring microphone preamplifier MV 302.1, sound field distortions (shadowing and diffraction) are minimal. The distance between the two microphones is precisely defined by spacers (6 mm, 12 mm, 50 mm). Measurements in the frequency range from 35 Hz to 12 kHz are possible. The quality of the conformity of both measuring microphone capsules with respect to their transfer functions is measured according to DIN EN 61043 or IEC 1043 and documented as pressure residual intensity distance for probes.

Each measuring microphone capsule pair of the SIS 90 is accompanied by a measurement protocol.

It complies with the tolerance limits for class 1 sound intensity probes.

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