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Sound Level Meter Type 1 – Handheld SPL+ Spectrum Analyser

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Model SC420 Class 1 by CESVA Instruments

Handheld SPL+ Spectrum Analyser

Includes Spectrum Analyser + audio


Type 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter class 1 with spectrum analyzer in third octave bands plus audio recordings.

Standard features include:

  • INCLUDED Audio recording with pre-recording time and voice comments
  • Increased storage with MicroSD memory card
  • Automated Parameters: timers, DEN thresholds, external input:
    1) Auto start/stop of measurement and logging
    2) Auto audio recording & pre-recording
  • Erasing backward (BACK ERASE function)
  • Built-in USB & BLUETOOTH® connectivity
  • Sensitivity, date & time change history
  • Ready for environmental monitoring:
    1) Auto ON and automatic measurement and logging start
    2) Downloads while measures
  • Free or diffuse sound-field correction options

Removable MicroSD memory card

  • The information measured by the SC420 (final results and time histories), audio files and voice notes are saved on the MicroSD card inserted into the SC420. MicroSD cards up to 32 GB have been tested successfully.

Once the measurements are complete and the SC420 is turned-off, the MicroSD card can be removed and inserted into a computer. The data can then be transferred using the program ‘Memory Download’ – the download can be completed much faster this way.


Measures from 10 Hz to 20 kHz 1/3-octave band filters analysis plus overall functions.


  • Sound Insulation measurements in  third octave band
  • Assessment of environmental noise (Corrections for the presence of tonal and impulsive components and low frequency content)
  • Detection and identification of noise sources

Audio recording and voice comments

The SC420 can record audio files (listening quality), whilst it logs acoustic functions, facilitating its subjective evaluation and the recognition of sound sources.


IEC 61672-1:2002
Class 1 Sound level meter

IEC 61260:1995 
/A1:2001 Class 1 Filters

OIML R 58:1998
Class 1 Sound level meter

OIML R 88:1998       
Class 1 Integrating sound level

OIML R 130:2001 
Class 1 Filters

ANSI S1.4-1983(R2006)
/ANSI S1.4a-1985(R2006) Class 1 Sound level meter

ANSI S1.43-1997(R2007)   
Class 1 Integrating sound level

ANSI S1.11-2004(R2009)     
Class 1 Filters

EN 61260:1995     
/A1:2001 Class 1 Filters

EN 61672-1:2003   
Class 1 Sound level meter

Complies with 73/23/CEE and CEM 89/336/CEE low-tension regulations, the latter amended by 93/68/CEE.

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