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Sound Level Recorder


Model RS-60 Recorder by CESVA Instruments

Venue Noise Monitor

The CESVA Model RS-60 is an overall level sound level recorder with a LED indicator of sound limit exceeded, specially designed as a low cost instrument for monitoring of entertainment noise levels inside a venue.

Features include:

  • Sound level recorder (overall levels only)
  • Registration of all exceedence incidents
  • Recorder can be completely sealed
  • Adaptable to any kind of regulation
  • Internal Battery
  • Data retrieval by printer and serial connection with PC
  • Monitors and controls noise from venues recorded music (including DJs), games machines or televisions.
  • Other applications include: noise between dwelling units, noise control of the community activities.

The Model RS-60 sound level recorder measures and records the sound pressure level inside the space in which it is installed. It consists of a central recording unit and a microphone.

The programming information and recorded sound levels for the past 60 days remain in the permanent memory and cannot be lost, even if the battery runs out.

A luminous remote display (CESVA Models DLSE or DL100) may be connected to the RS-60, allowing the measured sound pressure level to be displayed in real-time in the venue at the control desk.

The RS-60 is a small and compact unit, completely sealed and protected against possible manipulation.

The RS-60 features two illuminated indicators, which indicate whether the measured noise level is less than or greater than the pre-set threshold noise limit.

The addition of the CESVA REL-2 relay box enables the RS-60 to trigger alarms, such as flashing lights or sirens to warn patrons and the manager of the area that an exceedence has occurred.


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