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Sound Limiter


1/3 Octave Sound Limiter

Model LF010 by CESVA Instruments

Venue Noise Control

The CESVA LF010  Sound Limiter offers an ideal balance between entertainment noise control and maximum quality of music. The limiter does adversely impact upon the dynamics of the music and offers clear, distortion-free and uncut music.

The LF010 Limiter measures the existing sound level in a music venue at up to four locations (a main control microphone and up to three optional microphones in the same large space, or in attached spaces).

The sound level is measured in 1/3 octave bands between 50Hz and 5kHz. The Model LF010 stores in memory the time history of the sound levels and spectra, as well as any incidents or potential manipulations detected.

From the measured sound levels, the LF010 controls the overall musical level (without equalising) so that the programmed noise limits within the venue, or at the nearest receptor are not exceeded in either the three day/evening/night time zones.

The LF010 preforms this control using different Attack and Release modes to adapt its performance to live concerts with great dynamics as well as dance music club sessions.

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