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Noise Monitor

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Noise Monitor or Network by Munisense

Noise Monitoring Station or Network

Noise monitors by Munisense are suitable for long term outdoor noise monitoring, including Smart City applications, and may be installed as separate monitoring stations or as a network of stations.

Each noise monitor can be mains or solar powered and easily mounted to a pole.

Overall noise levels and one-third octaves, as well as audio files are possible.

The units transmit 1 second noise levels (overall and frequency) to a secure web portal via a modem. Transmission between monitors is done by ZigBee wireless or Lora.

The Zigbee wireless method allows multiple units to act as a daisy chain network as data can be sent through another noise monitor.

The data from each monitor is transmitted to the Munisense cloud software.

Noise monitors can be placed at eachnoise source location in an area and the levels for each site can be assessed to determine noise exceedances or violations of the individual sites. Ideal for assessing compliance with Local Council or other Regulatory Authority requirements.

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