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Structural Vibration Monitoring and Analysis

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Multichannel Data Acquisition Systems by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

Structural Dynamics

A variety of multi-channel data acquisition systems by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH can be used to record time synchronized signals from multiple single axis, or triaxial accelerometers to provide data for structural analysis of vibration levels and frequencies.

Some examples of multi-channel data acquisition systems by SINUS Messtechnik Gmbh include:

  • SoundBook – with optional Expander board for up to 16 portable channels of analysis
  • Soundbook plus Synch Hub – up to 64 channels with 4 Expander boards
  • Tornado system – portable 16 or 32 channels
  • Typhoon multi-channel rack mount PC – up to 192 channels, time synchronized
  • Apollo Box – Portable with Laptop – 2, 4 channels
  • Apollo Lite – 2 to 16 channels with Laptop, if rack mounted up to 100 channels

An alternative approach is to use multiple time synchronized systems (eg HGL Dynamics Pegasus system) with GPS to measure on different parts of a structure. The vibration data from each separate unit can then be loaded into modal analysis software and used to calculate the mode shapes, displacement values etc.


A similar approach would be to use multiple SYSCOM MR3000C vibration loggers with single axis, or triaxial accelerometers – the individual loggers can be connected with Ethernet cables and run as a Master/Slave system, or each unit could have a GPS for time synchronization.

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