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Water Monitoring


Water Monitoring Stations by Munisence

INSIGHTNOW Cloud Software

Smart City Solutions

Water monitoring stations connected wirelessly to INSIGHTNOW™ cloud software by Munisense comprise a real-time water management system. The water stations enable water levels, flow rates and precipitation in real time to be displayed, analyzed and reported. Other water quality parameters, such as temperature and oxygen content, can also be measured.

Today’s water management is in many cases manual and off-line.  This leads to inaccuracy due to long periods between measurements and is costly, as it requires on-site manpower to collect the information.  The Munisense water monitoring solution offers real-time water management that presents the measurements results in an easy to understand manner, instantly and online.

Water management is crucial for countries and cities where an insight into water levels and water quality is important. High water levels cause flooding damage while low water levels have detrimental effects on green spaces and crops. Water level changes can affect foundations and can cause subsidence. And for water abstraction an accurate insight into validated water levels is also essential.

The INSIGHTNOW ™ water station and cloud software network consists of our small, rapidly deployable, wireless and energy-efficient water level meters. These meters communicate with the INSIGHTNOW™ cloud software platform where the measurement data is stored, after automatic validation. Settings can be entered and changed remotely per station, such as sampling rate and communication interval with the INSIGHTNOW™ cloud software. The INSIGHTNOW ™ cloud platform provides powerful management and analysis capabilities as well as automatic validation and reporting of the huge quantity of information stored. Annotations of special events can be added to the measurement data. Intersections of dynamic data can be combined with static data of entire water networks and can be generated easily. All information is available on a smartphone, tablet or via a web browser, tailored to the role/function of the user.

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