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Weather Station

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Weather Station by Thiess Clima US

Compatible with all Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Devices by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH


The Thiess Clima Sensor US – can be connected directly to the SINUS SoundBook and the weather data can be synchronised within SAMURAI software to data from all other sensors.

Wind speed

Measuring range:  0 … 60 m/s
Resolution:  0.1m /s (standard)
Accuracy:  ±0.3 m/s rms (<5 m/s)   |  ±3% rms (5 m/s … 60 m/s)

Wind direction

Measuring range:  0 … 360º
Resolution:  1º   |   0.1º in special telegrams
Accuracy:  ±2º WS > 2 m/s

Virtual temp.

Measuring range:  -40 … +80ºC
Resolution:  0.1 K
Accuracy:  ±0.5 K

Data output digital

Interface:  RS485 / RS422
Baudrate:  1200 … 921600 Baud
Data values:  div. meas. data, date, time, check sum, etc.
Output range:  1 per 10 msec up to 1 per 60 sec
Status signals:  heating, meas section error, temperature of meas section
Protocol:  ASCII (preselected)

Data output analog

Type:  max. 8 x 0 … 10V
Wind speed:  0 … 10V
Stromausgang:  max. 400Ω
Wind direction:  0 … 10V
Voltage output: min. 2000Ω
Output parameters:  wind speed, wind direction, brightness, precipitation, rel. humidity, air temperature, air pressure, etc.

Operating voltage

Electronic:  6 … 60V DC or 10 … 42V AC / 1.2W
Heating:  24V AC/DC, typ 25W


Bus operation:  up to 98 sensors
Electr. connection:  19 pol. connector
Mounting:  on a mast tube 1,5”
Housing:  Plastic LEXAN (Polycarbonat, UV-stabilised)
Protection:  1P 67


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