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Webcam Video Monitoring


SAMURAI option: WebCAM by Sinus Messtechnik Gmbh

Video Images Synchronised with Vibration Level Measurements

Vibration Measurement + Analysis

Video images may be simultaneously recorded with vibration levels using all multi-channel data acquisition devices, such as Soundbook, NoisePAD, and Apollo Lite and Apollo Boxes, manufactured by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH.

A range of cameras may be interfaced with all data acquisition devices by SINUS.

The SAMURAI NoiseCam Option is required to record and playback video images simultaneously with the vibration levels and frequency spectra, recorded either as time history plots, instantaneous and statistical 1/1 or 1/3 octave plots, logarithmic or linear sonograms, waterfall plots or other SAMURAI display modes.

The webcam video can provide a visual record of the activities of the subject vibration source during the measurement duration (shown in the central window of the train passby image).

Video documentation is very useful for vibration measurements of passing vehicles, trains, industrial machines and other vibration generating objects, events or activities.

The NoiseCam Option for SAMURAI is supplied with a basic webcam but a IP infra red black and white camera can also be supplied, or an iCube camera with a focusable lens.

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