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Whole Body Vibration in Buildings


Model VC431 Vibrometer by CESVA Instruments

Vibrometer + Building WBV Mode + Accelerometer

The VC431 Vibrometer plus tri-axial accelerometer (AC031) measures human exposure to whole body vibration in buildings (in accordance with ISO 2631-2 and ISO 8041).

The CEVA Vibrometer may be used for quick and easy assessments of human exposure levels to whole body vibration (WBV) in buildings or building structures.

Results of all measurements are shown directly on the display screen as shown below:

The AC031 tri-axial accelerometer has the following specifications:

  • IEPE triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer (shear design)
  • Sensitivity: 500 mV/g
  • Margin of frequencies (10%): 0.13 Hz at 4800 Hz
  • Operating margin: – 30 to 90 ºC
  • Weight: 365 g (without cable)
  • Assembly: M8 Thread
  • Cable (2m) from accelerometer to vibrometer

Data from the vibrometer may be downloaded to the free CESVA Capture Studio software (SFT030) for post-processing. Measurement data may be downloaded to a computer via the USB port and the results analysed.


  • Assessment of worker vibration exposure in control rooms
  • Assessment of worker vibration exposure in buildings adjacent to demolition, excavation, piling, tunnelling or compaction

Details and specifications of the vibrometer, Capture Studio software and accessories are provided on the CESVA Instruments website:

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